Our company S.D.E. Sıvı Denetim Elemanları San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. is a specialist manufacturer of mid and large size valves for use in the water and waste water markets. S.D.E. has been founded in Izmir in 1996 to manufacture various types of valves, check valves and ancillary equipments.

S.D.E. comprises a fully integrated manufacturing facility with complete control from the raw casting supply through to the complete assembled and tested valves. Fully accredited to ISO9001, S.D.E. has modern CAD software incorporating finite element analysis for valve design and stres calculations – through to pattern making and state of the art of CNC machining capability.

S.D.E. has been marketing its products to many countries including Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Middle East Countries and South Africa with our main market being UK, Europe. We are pleased that our products are preferable in important projects and come into demand in the world and in Turkey.

In October 2000, S.D.E. located its valve factory in the Aegean Free Zone in Izmir, Turkey, and is linked directly to the sea-port as well as airport, so it is ideally positioned for export shipping to all destinations around the world. S.D.E. began to produce in its own building settled in 4.000 m2 indoor and total 7.000 m2 area after that date. For better organization of all, in year 2004, our additional plant was built next to the existing factory and our indoor facility was increased by 3.500 m2 and total area by 6.000 m2. Now, S.D.E. is located on totally 13.000 m2 area.

Design, R&D, pattern fabrication, machining, coating, assembly, test, packaging and exporting are our production activities. Gathering all production activities under one roof, directing and controlling all processes improved quality and delivery time of our products. Audits by our experienced personnel on production processes are increased; production and delivery times are shortened. Besides, S.D.E. continues its investments for modern production activities to achieve continuous improvement goal.

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Our Vision

To create the SDE Turkish Valve brand for high quality valve manufacture and to develop the SDE ranges in international markets such that SDE develops into a worldwide brand.

Our Mission

To manufacture and supply a quality range of competitively priced valves, check valves and ancillary equipment for the water and waste water markets on time by using our traditional and proven design experiences whilst considering the specific needs of our customers and also considering the health and safety of our employees and the legislative environmental requirements.

Our Quality Policy

Our Company S.D.E. Sıvı Denetim Elemanları has worked specifically to the following quality principles since the foundation and these principles are declared as a commitment to our directors.

  • To manufacture a range of quality valves, check valves and ancillary equipment for isolation and flow control for projects consisting of clean potable water, sea water, waste water and sewage according to the international product, material and test standards
  • By taking into consideration all the regulations to Workers’ Health and Safety and by fully complying with Environmental Legislations and also all others that we subject to.
  • To create the SDE Valve Brand in international markets with distinctive product designs.
  • To treat every Customer as the most valuable Customer and to consider product quality as our main goal whilst remaining competitive and to continue to improve and develop our products through our Quality Management System which is adopted by all SDE team members.
  • To regularly review our Quality and Management systems with both internal and external audits for congruity and actuality.


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Zafer SB Mahallesi, Kürşad Sokak, No: 18 Ege Serbest Bölgesi (Aegean Free Zone) Gaziemir - İZMİR - TÜRKİYE